REELEX Technology

The technology behind our Big Mouth Payout Box.

REELEX Technology

REELEX is a patented winding technology inside all of ICE BMP boxes. REELEX uses a combination of custom-designed machines and software that allows cable coils to pull from the inside out without any rotation of the bundle. The result? A fluid and smooth payout – void of any twists, kinks, knots or tangles.

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Supporting the Battle Against Counterfeit Packaging

Low-quality and counterfeit cable packaging don't just cause slowdowns and wasted time, they pose a threat to connectivity and performance. This video explains how.


REELEX - The Industry’s #1 Stamp of Approval

Much like the famous Intel Inside® logo, the REELEX Packaging System® logo gives consumers ultimate satisfaction knowing your product was made and inspected for guaranteed performance.

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A Closer Look Inside ICE’s REELEX Machinery

True figure-eight REELEX coils can only be produced on specially-designed REELEX machines. The best pulling coils in the industry are made on these machines – the kind used by ICE in our BMP box.


Adjustable Precision for Customized Coils

Winding a REELEX coil is an extremely complex operation; which is why the electrical and mechanical components of the machine are designed to run in complete harmony. Coils can be fine tuned for any cable type.

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Superior Tension Control Maintains Cable Performance

One of the keys to precise coiling is tension control. REELEX machines have refined tension control methods to put less stress on the product. This maintains 100% of the electrical performance in the cables.

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Custom Software for Maximum Coil Precision

The G2 Control System is a completely new operating system, hardware and interface for all REELEX coiling machines. It offers full control over parameters such as hole size, weave ratios, density and hole shift.

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