HDMI Technology

A wish list of HDMI cable technology at extremely competitive prices.

HDMI Technology

With GRIP Lock technology, ultra-compact head design and 100ft performance, we’ve crafted the ultimate HDMI Cable. Our Clear Series 2 ranges from .5m to 30m and features 12 pounds of connector pull force, ensuring your connection stays secure and protected. This means: reliable installations, fewer service calls, the elimination of baluns and state-of-the-art performance.

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GRIP Lock Technology

Special springs on the HDMI plug provide a secure grip to the female connector. The result? Over 3x the strength found in conventional HDMI connectors, giving you the most stable connection possible. No screw hole. No push release.


Compact Head Design

Installers know there’s not much room in the back of electronic equipment. ICE has cleared some space for you by re-engineering our HDMI cables with a super-compact head design. At only 21mm long, our Series 2 cable is now 40% shorter than our previous model. We also reduced the width and made it thinner, giving you easier access in tight spaces.

Compact 02

Slimmed Down for Easier Installations

At about the same thickness of a Cat 5e cable, the tight-bend radius of these slim cables make it very easy to route behind hard-to-reach TV’s and A/V racks. Thin cables are available in both black and white in lengths of 0.5m – 3m.

The Perfect Tension

At 12lbs of pull force, the connector won't come out with normal use. But if your TV falls off the wall it will pull free, leaving your equipment undamaged. Other locking HDMI cables have way too much pull force, or even a screw, which can result in damage to your TV.


Eliminate Unnecessary Service Calls

There’s nothing worse than having to drive across town in traffic, just to find your client’s cable was unplugged. We understand, we live in Los Angeles. It doesn’t take much for regular HDMI cables to pull out of their connection and lose signal. With GRIP, it’s problem solved.

4k 24hz to 30 Meters / 100 Feet

Until now, our HDMI cables have been able to achieve 1080p/60Hz up to 50 feet. Active chipsets and advances in cable technology have allowed us to achieve 1080p/60Hz all the way out to 100 feet. This gives you a direct connection between your source and display, eliminating unnecessary connection points versus a standard balun setup.


Dual-Use Packaging

A gorgeous design, resealable opening, easy to read information, and display hangholes make our HDMI packaging ideal for the retail showroom. A tough, durable plastic material with a glossy coating which protects against water damage means it's also ideal for the jobsite, truck, or van.

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