Connector Technology

Easier to terminate and more universal than any connector on the market.


Our new Ferrule-Less Connector (FLC) design eliminates failures and reduces installation time. If you’re tired of wasting expensive connectors that don’t work, this is your solution.

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Easier to Terminate

The ferrule-less design fits easier, terminates faster and has no obstruction. Get a proper fit without the need to be “perfect”. You’ll be amazed at how much easier these are to terminate than standard connectors.

Easy termination

Elmination of Failures

Without a ferrule, it’s “push and compress”. Most compression failures come from the cable not seating properly in the ferrule. With FLC, that’s all history. We have effectively eliminated the concept of “seating”.

No failures

Reduced Install Time

Simply put, they take less time to install. With less force, effort and accuracy required for installation, you’ll fly through your connections.

Reduced time

Easy to Test

Our see-through window gives you full visibility so you can be sure the cable is fully inserted. Failures are virtually eliminated, but to be 100% sure, each one can be fitted and tested before final crimping.

Universal Fitment

Since FLC connectors fit a wider range of cable than other connectors, we give new meaning to the term Universal. Standard ferrule designs leave little tolerance for different sized dielectrics.


1 Piece Designs

Clean and simple. No more fumbling for the center pin that dropped on the floor. We’ve considered all the problems of compression connectors and built in the solutions.

1 piece design