Cable Technology

Tons of innovation in every single cable.


It turns out there are a lot of ways to make cable faster and more efficient to install. We relentlessly engineered time and labor saving innovations into every aspect of our cables, from the way it's constructed, down to the markings printed on the outer jacket. Taken together, these features give you an exceptional installation experience.

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EZ Strip Tissue

This gives you faster stripping speaker cable. Have you ever stripped a PVC jacket in warm weather? The jacket sticks and it can be quite an exercise. We place a thin layer of tissue around the conductors and under the outer jacket. Once the jacket is scored, it slides off easily, with no effort.

Ez strip

iLabel Print Legend

iLabel is a print legend to help you identify and pre-mark your cable for each ROOM, WALL and JACK location – and it’s printed on every one of our cables. The location and application information can be circled with a Sharpie. Each room is designated with an abbreviation that tells you specifically where the cable is going (ie. BR1, GAR, KIT, etc.)


Oxygen Free Copper

We use Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) in our FX Series speaker cables to ensure premium sound quality in your systems. Higher purity copper means better low level signal transmission and great sound.

Oxygen free

Round Jackets

To help you avoid snags when pulling cable, we’ve made our jackets as round as possible. Lesser designs require filler material to achieve this, and that makes the cables more expensive and messy when stripping. We avoid fillers entirely and replace them with good, solid engineering.

Round jacket

Ascending/Descending Footmarkers

Less scrap! Our foot markers show how much cable has been used and how much is left - before you pull the cable. This reduces waste and helps you make use of all the cable in each box or spool. Foot markers are printed every 2 feet on our cables.

Asc dsc

Direct Burial Ratings

Our 12, 14 and 16 gauge FX Series speaker cables are Direct Burial rated, saving you the money and hassle of having to buy two different cables for indoor/outdoor applications. This means less inventory for you to buy and stock in your trucks.

Direct burial

Rip Cord

All of our cables have rip cords, to make the cables as easy to strip as possible. This is one area where many manufacturers try to cut corners.


Wet Slick Jackets

The special PVC compound gives the cable a shiny look and a slick feel, resulting in less friction, easier pulls and more flexibility than a regular, chalky PVC jacket. It costs more to build, but it’s worth it. Once you use it, you’ll never go back to regular PVC

Wet slick