Reelex technology. Safety-rated cable. Ground-breaking prices.


PRIMAL combines unbelievably low prices with the best pulling box in the industry. And with fully flame tested cables, your clients will sleep better at night. This is entry-level cable done right.

Really. Low. Prices.

Let's face it, with wire and cable, price matters. That's why PRIMAL Cable is priced as aggressively as the most down and dirty generic competition. But everything else about PRIMAL is light years ahead. This is saving money the smart way.

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Welcome to Increased Productivity.

Faster, smoother, and less tension. That's what you can expect every time you pull PRIMAL Cable. PRIMAL features a high-precision REELEX II wind and Big Mouth Payout hole, ensuring a problem-free pull by eliminating knots, kinks, tangles, and snags.

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Big Mouth Payout

A box is more than just a box – it's a critical part of the installation experience. That's why PRIMAL features our Big Mouth Payout hole, which allows for a more direct payout path and prevents wire from getting snagged on the way out.

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The other critical part of the installation experience is how the cable is wound inside the box. The high-precision Reelex II wind is painstakingly engineered to overcome a whole host of issues that plague the entry-level cable market. With Reelex II technology, problems like twists, kinks, knots, and tangles are a thing of the past. That's precisely why we're bringing it to PRIMAL.

Learn more about REELEX II technology >

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Flame Tested, Safety Rated.

Unsafe products bearing counterfeit or unauthorized UL and ETL markings are a huge problem in the entry-level cable market. We don't believe that fire safety should ever be compromised. That's why we flame tested and safety rated every single PRIMAL Cable product.

Your Questions. Answered.

We get a lot of questions about PRIMAL Cable. Here's everything you need to know.

PRIMAL is entry-level cable designed to be as inexpensive as possible, while maintaining safety ratings and offering a better pulling experience. It’s designed for installers who want a really low price, but still want quality product.

PRIMAL is important because it’s less expensive than everyone else in the market. But, unlike other companies in this segment, you will not find PRIMAL showing up on the Public Notice section of the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) website.

Many cables in this category, including multiple competitors, have been busted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for selling unsafe and/or fraudulent cable. It’s common for low-priced cable to claim UL or ETL ratings, but not actually be UL or ETL listed. This places potential liability on both the dealer and the distributor, with both embarrassing and expensive ramifications. PRIMAL is safe. Every product is flame-tested and safety rated. We won’t compromise on safety.

Favorably - for two reasons. First, it’s safer. Every PRIMAL product is flame tested and certified to be safety rated. Second, it’s easier to pull. Were using patented Reelex II and Big Mouth Payout technology. Yep, even at this price point.

With PRIMAL we made certain design choices that make it more suitable for non-critical applications. ICE is as good as it gets in terms of performance, safety, and ease of installation. We won’t put anything under the ICE brand that's not the absolute best on the market. Something has to give. To hit these price points, we chose to bring PRIMAL performance in line with other entry-level offerings, but without compromising safety ratings.

PRIMAL should be used in non-critical applications where maximum bandwidth or performance is not required. For example: telephone, IR, and contact wire. For data, networking, and video transmission, we recommend ICE.

PRIMAL will perform better than other entry-level cable solutions for a number of reasons and Reelex technology is a big part of that. Reelex wound cables have lower tension, less “denting”, and measurably better installed performance.