The Cable Foundation

Building cable to the optimal safety and performance specifications is the foundation of what we do.

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Building It the Right Way


Our starting point as a company is that everything we build is made to the proper specification. This means if your Cat 5e is supposed to have .51mm of copper, it has .51mm of copper. For us, it’s all about safety and performance. Cables that are properly built are safer and perform better. With all-time highs in the copper market, massive amounts of pressure have been put on cable factories to keep prices low and stay competitive. In response, many factories cut corners to save money — but not ICE.

Wire and cable is the structural backbone of your systems. While there are many good places to save money on an installation, core infrastructure is not one of them. Once connected, electronic equipment requires a certain level of cable performance in order to function as the manufacturer intended. When you compromise cable, you never know what you’re going to get.

Rolling the Dice

We’ve seen many systems fail from the use of compromised cable. With system failure a possibility, you can see the importance of using properly built cable.

How Does This Happen?

Copper is expensive. Shaving copper — the practice of using less copper than is required — is the number one technique used by most manufacturers. Other deceptive tactics used to save money include using non-UL compounds and foot markers shorter than one foot.

That’s just for starters.

Go With the Sure Thing


All of ICE’s cables are UL or ETL listed and RoHS compliant. We use full copper and flame retardant compounds, so you can be certain your cables will perform as advertised and your installations will be safe. Now you can have full confidence that you’re getting the good stuff.