Does Buying Premium Cable Really Matter?

Definitely. Here's Why…

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Copper shaving is the number one technique manufacturers use to save money on cable. High copper prices have pressured manufacturers into keeping prices low. In response, they cut corners on the product, resulting in compromised cable. Many of these cables are not UL listed or have fake UL listings and are a major safety hazard. In short, they are destroying the performance and safety to save a buck. ICE builds your product to full specification and we go a step further by adding time-saving innovations while maintaining aggressive prices.

  1. Copper shaving equals compromised performance
  2. Fake UL products equals safety hazards
  3. Many other tactics that rob you and your customers
  4. Why put your reputation on the line to save money?

3 Reasons Why Using ICE Cable Will Save You Time and Money...

Properly Built Cable

Our cables are built to full spec using the proper amount of copper and compounds. With ICE, you get full performance and safety along with the peace of mind that comes with getting what you pay for.

  1. Cables built with the proper amount of copper
  2. All cables are UL or ETL listed for guaranteed safety
  3. Full performance required by today’s equipment

Intelligent Cable Design

Faster pulling boxes and easier stripping cables are just two examples of how we help you reduce labor costs and save money. Our product innovations are designed to save you money on soft costs.

  1. Reduce soft costs on labor
  2. Smarter solutions for easier installs
  3. Save even more with inventory consolidation

Below Market Pricing

We know the competition so you don’t have to. When compared to other legitimate manufacturers of wire and cable, ICE is less expensive. We call this “Below Market Pricing”. Now you can get the good stuff and save money, too.

  1. Less expensive than the “Big Guys”
  2. Save money without sacrificing product quality
  3. Competitive freight and buying programs