Behind the Curtain

A Look at How We Build Better Wire and Cable.

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In 2004...

ICE was born. We were the new guy on the block and we partnered with numerous factories in the USA to make our cable. We grew quickly and soon attempted to make many of the innovations we now offer, but ran into a brick wall. The US factories were rigid and primarily concerned with keeping their production lines running to service the big guys. A byproduct of their rigidity was product sameness and a complete lack of innovation. To build it right, we had to do it ourselves.

In 2006...

We took our designs to China and partnered with some of the most advanced wire and cable factories in the world. It took two or more US factories to build what one of ours could do. These factories featured state-of-the-art machinery, engineering, full UL compliance and were eager to learn. The attitude was refreshing. At each stage in the manufacturing process, we hand picked each of our key suppliers who could deliver on the innovations we build. This allowed us to have 100% control over the features and quality of the product you know today.

The Manufacturing process is like a symphony

There are a lot of moving parts and timing is everything. The manufacturer has to partner with numerous outside companies to secure all of the raw materials, including vendors for copper, cardboard boxes, spools, packaging materials and many types of specialized compounds. For ICE, these vendors have special, custom-built materials that have to be made and shipped on time in order for things to flow. Extensive testing and quality control procedures are then required to ensure the final product will meet our specifications.

This is just the beginning

Once built, the cable has to go through a long trip from China to the United States and there are lots of steps involved before the product lands on our shores. After many years of driving the design, manufacturing and supply chain process, the act of building and shipping the industry’s best wire is down to a science. The result is a product that’s a cut-above what’s being built in the United States.